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Equi Life Nometsyn

NoMetSyn (No Metabolic Syndrome)

NoMetSyn is a natural alternative to the drug metformin which is commonly used to improve insulin sensitivity in horses and ponies. Insulin resistance is one of the most common predisposing factors in equine laminitis and Cushing's Disease.

NoMetSyn is a blend of plant extracts which have proven highly effective in normalizing blood insulin concentrations in insulin resistant equines.

Additionally insulin resistant horses and ponies develop distorted hooves characteristic of chronic founder following an episode of laminitis. This distortion persists and is unaffected by the drug metformin.

However, NoMetSyn not only normalizes insulin in the blood but also normalizes the hoof horn growth so distorted hooves regain their normal shape and function.

Colour Size Price
  200g £115.00

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