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County Galvanised Wheelbarrow

In spite of the overwhelming popularity of Polypropylene trays, some traditional gardeners still prefer the reassuring pedigree of galvanised steel. In the Coaster, they get what must be by far the best barrow in the category! Not only is the 85 ltr tray made from galvanised steel, but so is the one-piece chassis. Tough and durable bracing is seam-welded on to points under the front and rear of the tray, and the front is additionally supported by a Polypropylene spacer which protects against deformation of the steel tray over time. The Coaster is fitted with the County X4 wheel, complete with double ball bearings and tubed 4-ply tyre, and in a few minutes can be retro-fitted with the Duo twin-wheel kit and converted as shown opposite. The County Coaster - an all-galvanised Gem.

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Colour Size Price
Galvanised £37.50

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