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Megasorb Bedding

Megazorb Horse Bedding Very Economical Budget to use 10 bags to make initial bed, plus half bag per week thereon! Natural Fibre Dried wood fibre pulp. Dust Free & Sterile Dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria, dust extracted twice. Ideal for horses with C.O.P.D. Superior Absorbency 10 x better than straw, 4 x better than shavings. Fresher Stables Absorbs stable odours therefore reducing insect problems. Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable, so breaks down quickly into garden compost resulting in smaller muck heaps. Ideal for Rubber Mats Equine Bedding

Colour Size Price
bag 85 Litre £8.75

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