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Skinners Ruff & Ready-Dry Dog Food

Complete Adult Dog Food Mix of Colour, Aroma & Textured Kibbles Ideal to Tempt Fussy Eaters Feed Dry or with Tepid Water No Artificial Additives or Flavours. Skinner's Ruff & Ready with its variety of colours, aromas and textures keeps dogs interested for longer, making it a firm favourite with even the fussiest of dogs. Ruff & Ready is an appetising mixture of real meat, cooked vegetables, steam cooked flaked cereals and crunchy biscuits. These healthy and delicious ingredients are blended with protein pellets which contain fish meal for a glossy coat, and a full range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain peak condition. Finally, the mix is coated with wheat glucose syrup which gives the food added natural flavour and a distinctive succulent texture that dogs really enjoy. Skinners Ruff & Ready is a complete, nutritionally balanced food, suitable for all breeds of dogs, including older puppies and younger adult dogs too and is free from artificial additives, flavourings and preservatives. Ruff & Ready can be fed straight from the bag, or if your dog prefers, moistened a few minutes before serving with a small amount of tepid water to produce a delicious mouth-watering gravy. Ingredients: Protein pellets containing beef meat meal, wheat glucose syrup, cooked flaked maize, extruded wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheatflakes, soya oil, vitamins and minerals. Typical analysis: Protein 21%, Oil 7.5%, Fibre 3.5%, Ash 8.5%, Vitamin A 10,000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 1,500 iu/kg, Vitamin E 140 iu/kg(as alpha-tocopherol), Copper 12 mg/kg(as copper sulphate)

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Colour Size Price
bag 15kg £18.75

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