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Red Mills Hi-Oil Racehorse Cooked Mix - Horse Feed

High oil high energy feed for horses in training and hard work. Higher energy formula with added oils High protein for muscle development Full range of vitamins and minerals Highly palatable with added garlic and herbs. Ingredients (in descending order by weight) Oat Flakes (steam-cooked), Oats (cleaned, Screened), Maize Flakes (steam-cooked), Barley Flakes (steam-cooked), ( Sugar) Cane Molasses, Soya Bean Extracted Toasted(1), Soya Bean Flakes (steam-cooked(1)), Soya (bean) Hulls(1), Sunflower Seed Extracted, Soya Bean Extruded (1), Soya Oil(1), Pea Flakes (steam-cooked), Wheat, Barley, Calcium Carbonate (limestone Flour), Sodium Chloride (salt), Mono-dicalcium Phosphate, Mineral/vitamin Premix, Magnesium Oxide, Garlic/herb Blend. (1) Produced From Genetically Modified Soyabeans

Colour Size Price
bag 25kg £15.25

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