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The Bluebell is a pretty, large fowl chicken with plumage shaded grey and blue. Crossed between a Rhode Island Red and a Marans chicken, they are capable of laying 260 eggs per year. Their eggs are a wonderful pink brown colour. Hens are docile, but might not enjoy being picked up.

Columbian Blacktail

Another name for this chicken is the Calder Ranger. Waitrose use this chicken for their eggs! They lay extra large brown eggs. Columbian Blacktails are friendly chickens with a curious nature. They will watch your every move and 'help' you clean out the coop. Their plumage is a rust brown colour and they have black feathers on the end of their tail. Expect 300 eggs per year.


A large fowl chicken crossed between a Marans and a Rhode Island Red. They look similar to a Marans with their grey speckled plumage and comb and wattles. They lay beautiful medium sized speckled brown eggs. Expect around 260 delicious eggs per year. Speckledys can go broody, are usually the top hen and tend to look after outcast hens. They are docile in nature. 


Cream Legbar

This hen lays blue or sometimes even green eggs. You can be certain your hen will not turn into a cockerel with this auto-sexing breed. Chicks can be sexed from one day old. A Cream legbar lays 180 blue eggs per year. They are large fowl with a speckled grey plumage and an apricot bib, a red comb and wattles and a feather crest. 

 Rhode Rock, Pied Ranger, Sussex Ranger, Bason White.



Khaki Campbell -  Ducks for sale 

The Khaki Campbell is a breed of domesticated duck that originated in England and is kept for its high level of egg production. The breed was developed by Mrs. Adah Campbell of Uley, Gloucestershire, England at the turn of the 20th century.